A List of the Top 100+ Social Media Influencers In South Africa - 2013 - started by @fredfelton - social media engineer @falconscove - Feel free to add who you think should be on this list. With thanks to @PoppieSlops and @franki1 and @MelAttree for all their suggestions :)

  1. @joburg.co.za - A social/travel/retail portal to the city of Johannesburg.Website: www.joburg.co.za .
  2. @Jodenecoza - A Social Media Influencer who has inspired many people with her #followsa campaign and wonderful tweetups. She is also a ardent blogger and blogs every day.
  3. @MelAttree - A marketing and digital consultant who is fascinated by the bright shiny thing called the internet www.melissaattree.co.za
  4. TyashneeG - she is a PR person with amazing fashion sense. Full name - Tyashnee Gounden
  5. @shaunoakes - A big blogger in the Cape Town area - www.shaunoakes.com - ask him anything just don't ask him to go to dinner with you at Beluga.
  6. @MelanieMinnaar - Founder of Twitter Blanket Drive - #TBD - rose to fame by sending out a tweet - what if each person on twitter donated a blanket for the poor and the rest as they say is history.
  7. @mikeasaunders - CEO of DigitLab & Partner at TomorrowToday - Fascinated by social media and loves blogging from conferences.
  8. @laurenbeukes - Writer of Zoo City and loves all things about writing and books - www.laurenbeukes.com
  9. @mike_said_what - Marketing & Branding consultant and Speaker. Specialist in restaurant industry and also a great photographer uses Instagram a lot.
  10. @Ethekwinigirl - Everyone knows Karen Lotter. Writer, Photographer, Website Designer and info junkie - www.ethekwiniweb.co.za
  11. @AskAshe - Blogger based in Durban and knows everything so she says - askashe.wordpress.com
  12. @MarcForrest - Blogger and iPhone and iPad fundi knows every app out there MarcForrest.com
  13. @KirstyBisset - Model and Patron Princess - look out for her tweets always good
  14. @BarryTuck - he writes, he takes photographs and works in social media.
  15. @NevinSP - director at a DNA testing company - always has an opinion about something - about.me/nevinpillay
  16. @brodiegal - Singer, Writer, Lover and fighter - always writes insightful articles - www.huntergatherer.co.za
  17. @Fred_Roed - CEO of World Wide Creative, Co-founder of the Heavy Chef Project - big on marketing - www.fredroed.com
  18. @DeanOelsch - Creative at Halo - always interesting tweets from this guy.
  19. @za5 - into the web, mobile and photography - always gives us samples of his great photography
  20. @samanthaperry - ICT journalist - Editor of @brainstormmagza www.brainstormmag.co.za - always has insight into something
  21. @charlotte_niche - Charlotte Kemp social media strategist and speaker and author - smart lady - www.nichetraining.co.za
  22. @panascape - Robert Miller based in Cape Town - photographer - takes great pics - www.panascape.co.za
  23. @liezelv - who has not heard of Liezel vd Westhuizen Presenter, Radio DJ, Voice Over Artist, very fit lady - www.liezel.co.za
  24. @makhosikhoza01 - DJ for East Coast Radio, voice over artist, mc - he really uses Twitter well - watch this Tweep
  25. @MishGov - celeb and entertainment reporter - Blogger - celeb cartoonist - www.mishinformed.com
  26. @HansHaupt - aspiring tech journalist - always interesting tweeps - www.hanshaupt.com
  27. @DJFreshSA - DJ and all around nice guy www.djfresh.dj
  28. @EmmanuelCastis - Actor and Singer and Tweeter
  29. @KoenaClothing - A South African sporting company that designs, develops, markets worldwide and sells footwear and apparel.
  30. @ShannonHope - Brilliant singer who uses social media a great deal to market her singing career. Going one place and that's up.
  31. @Erica_Elle - Top female South African DJ from 5fm. Great tweets and dedicated followers.
  32. @uyspj - Pieter Uys - @Vodacom CEO. One of the few CEO's who is on Twittter and actually replies from time to time
  33. @MichaelJordaan - Ex CEO of FNB. Another CEO who also actively Tweets. Always good to know a banker.
  34. @MadamMichelle - Works in Advertising and Tweets a great deal smart lady to follow.
  35. @CraigWFSmith - Writer and Author of fantasy novels. Also a blogger. Watch how he uses social media to promote his book.
  36. @MsNtuli - A Dreamer, A leader and a activator. Part of Ignitesa.com
  37. @Miss_Lira - Brilliant singer, songwriter, producer, Model, Actress. Watch how she uses social media. www.misslira.com
  38. @idale - Owner of Mojo Creative Brand Content and publisher of Mojodojo.co.za
  39. @GoldFishLive - that brilliant dance band out of Cape Town use Twitter and Image sites very well www.goldfishlive.com
  40. @mikestopforth - Founder of @cerebra and the great @27dinner where people all over SA meet and hear about social media and much more.
  41. @arthur2point0 - Arthur C. van Wyk - Digital native, founder and CEO of @FluenceNewMktng - web designer, online junkie - www.fluence.co.za
  42. @gordsreid - A printer by trade but really knows how to use social media to his advantage - www.ferrarrinutter.wordpress.com
  43. @hollydurban - A guitar player, singer, music maker and one of the young up and coming artists out there uses social media well www.holly.co.za
  44. @Zaakirinho - Graphic Designer, Photographer, Sports Fanatic & Serial Blogger, Patriotic as the colour black on the South African Flag www.zaakirh.com
  45. @flipsideza - Stereographer, 3D Artist, Movie Maker and more based in Cape Town - about.me/chriscunnington
  46. @Nayes1982 - Author of Coffee at Little Angels and uses social media a lot to market her books - www.passingtheopenwindows.co.za
  47. @DieAntwoord - That music band from SA the Zef one ;) - watch how they use social media just watch - www.dieantwoord.com
  48. @DamonBeard - DJ from East Coast Radio - watch how he uses Twitter and Facebook and his Blog and directs you to each of them
  49. @iamrochellerae - a tweep from Durban - very active on Twitter. Social media manager and blogger.
  50. @franki1 - a Tweep based in the Cape always sharing useful links from all over the place - one to watch
  51. @miss_mbali - a Tweep who always shares her life with us always fun to read her timeline
  52. @Kamziin - another wonderful Tweep full of interesting tweets
  53. @NielGermishuys - Owner of NG Sports Trading - very interesting tweeter - www.immortalhealth.co.za
  54. @ReneeEverett - In Event Management, A Dreamer, A Photographer and alway full of interesting stuff
  55. @DazMSmith - Big in Digital and Social Media you will always find him at one or other social media event tweeting the good stuff
  56. @NazareenE - Team Lead in Social Media at @immedia - always tweeting and posting valuable facebook insights
  57. @TheBallito - Justin Scott uses this one to market everything and anything around Ballito - smart guy http://www.fabmags.co.za
  58. @glenboshow - A great comedian and MC watch how he uses social media to interact with his fans uses twitter and facebook well - www.glenbo.co.za
  59. @JemAtkins - Professional Writer and Comedian very active on twitter - letterdash.com/comicjematkins
  60. @DerekWatts - Anchor of Carte Blanche and active on Twitter
  61. @ramonthomas - Professional Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Publisher - very active on Twitter and Facebook
  62. @lizetheunicorn - Lize Kay - Big in the digital media and social media world - www.lizekay.co.za
  63. @southcoastlive - Run by a lovely lady named Kate, full of useful info all about places to go and see on the South Coast of KZN also uses Facebook and FourSquare a great deal to market it
  64. @lizlaughalot - A lady who will always help you out, always a smile, always a laugh - lizlaughalot.wordpress.com
  65. @shauntrennery - Web Developer, Creator and Founder of safindit.co.za and Izimvo.com - big interest in locations and the web
  66. @DavidGrahamSA - Based in Jozi, Deloitte Digital Channels Exec. He connects and converses - www.linkedin.com/in/davidgrahamza
  67. @ruthgovender - CEO of @delaniconsult - always there for a chat and in the social media and branding world www.rozziki.com
  68. @djroxxi - A DJ, Rapper, Producer and in the music industry - www.djroxximusic.com
  69. @MeeganR - Online editor, writer specialist in Wordpress blogs and works for @Digit_Lab
  70. @khayadlanga - News24 Columnist and big social media influencer - www.news24.com/content/columnist/Khaya-Dlanga
  71. @SilverStreak2OV - co-editor of @2Oceansvibe producer at @2Ovfm, writer at @2OceansvibeTV - www.2Oceansvibe.com/author/silverstreak/
  72. @MatthewSavides - Sunday Times journalist, writer blogger always got something interesting to say - www.matthewsavides.wordpress.com
  73. @CupcakeCouture_ - Nadia has a very good blog, great design and always blogging about interesting things.- www.lovecupcakecouture.co.za
  74. @TrevorNoah - The only SA Comedian I know of to get on the Jay Leno Show and used tweets, pics and social media to publicise it
  75. @ExMi - Tamaryn Watkins - Maker of @bodythrills and sometimes writer, has a big impact in social media especially Twitter
  76. @kerimiller - A durbanite in Cape Town, radio presenter and you can always expect an interesting tweet from her - kerimiller.wordpress.com
  77. @AkiAnastasiou - host of Tech Show Technobyte on 702 Talk Radio, radio presenter and MC - always shows us the latest in tech and gadgets
  78. @RyanOConnorSA - media man who always has something to say on Twitter
  79. @gussilber - Gus is a journalist / writer / author / scriptwriter and always has something to say in social media - gussilber.posterous.com
  80. @Marcel_Perform - a magician, corporate performer, entertainer, mc and uses Twitter and Facebook very well to interact with his fans
  81. @clarkformaths - Maths Teacher with interesting Tweets and puts up some wonderful Instagrams
  82. @clivesimpkins - Clive is a marketing and communications strategist, speaker, author, coach and always has some wonderful Tweets to share
  83. @art2gee - Arthur Goldstuck - World-Wide Worx (hi-tech market research and strategy) publishes Gadget mag - www.gadget.co.za
  84. @alanhaarhoff - Mobile Marketing Evangelist, Business Manager of @alwaysactive - big in the mobile and qr code arena - www.aat.co.za
  85. @mikesharman - Owner of @retroviral all things online and digital and social media www.retroviral.co.za
  86. @ElanaAfrika - DSTV Tv presenter, Radio Presenter www.elanaafrika.com - bounces around twitter and facebook
  87. @dionchang - An observer, trend analyst and founder of Flux trends blog - www.fluxtrends.com - you can learn a lot from him
  88. @MarcLottering - comedian, uses Twitter a lot and interacts with his audience a great deal using social media
  89. @PlumberDurban - one of the first to integrate what he does into his twitter username, smart dude
  90. @brandslut - A cheeky blog about all things for the consumer www.brandslut.co.za
  91. @Jane_Anne62 - Journalist, editor, writer and Tweeter of morning news - www.scrumptious.co.za
  92. @DJLadyLea - A great DJ from SA who uses social media in a very clever always active on Twitter - www.ladylea.co.za
  93. @ColinMoss - comedian / actor / writer / producer - www.colinmoss.com - always Tweeting about something or other
  94. @davidkau1 - Comedian, owns a modelling agency, media company, film and tv production company - uses Twitter a great deal
  95. @barry_hilton - based in PE a international comedian uses twitter to shoot out one liners and facebook for news of his shows and images
  96. @kishyr - A iOs & Web SuperCoder currently developing the next big App I am sure - one to watch
  97. @Ruubzinho - South African born Brazilian, if awesomeness had an alternative it would be him, sometimes considered to be the Wolfpack's stuntman.
  98. @loyisogola - A comedian who makes very good use of social media both in his Tv show and on Twitter and other formats
  99. @loyisomusic - Loyiso Bala is a musician who uses social media well to chat with his fans
  100. @pixiebennett - Singer / Songwriter / Dancer and Idols finalist - one who uses Twitter and Facebook well to announce album or single launches and to interact with fans - www.pixiebennett.co.za
  101. @heinzwinckler - Heinz is an English and Afrikaans singer and uses both languages to chat to his fans and uses social media well to increase followers and announce where next he is playing or when his new single or album comes out - www.heinzw.co.za
  102. @pgozz - A Artist who has integrated QR Codes into his artworks you can learn a lot from this guy and how to use QR Codes
  103. @maggsonmedia - Jeremy Maggs enews presenter and presenter of MaggsOnMedia always has some interesting tweets
  104. @NdumisoNgcobo - ECR talkshow host and writer for ST Lifestyle - very funny guy
  105. @simphiwedana - Musician and Tweeter of note and takes note of all that happens around her
  106. @Abramjee - Yusuf is head of news and current affairs at Primedia - if it's newsworthy you will hear from him
  107. @JessMouneimne- Writer, media strategist @JamMediaZA, child rights activist @fightthefightsa
  108. @PearlMoody - Tv presenter on etv, on radio and tv and not afraid to have people on her show that talk about social media, also has inserts about Tweeps.
  109. @helenzille - Helen Zille is one of the few politicians who is very active on Twitter and all things Cape Town, need something handled in Cape Town Tweet her
  110. @justinspratt - Agency CEO of Quirk and co founder of web incubator IS Labs - www.sandboxsavant.com - has some interesting tweets
  111. @robin76 - Technical Trainer, Speaker, Author and Publisher - tweets some very interesting things
  112. @dannicholl - CEO of Skududu Media, MC and all around nice guy will give you such interesting tweets of his travels www.dannicholl.co.za
  113. @LisaRaleighSA - TV/ Radio Personality, Author and Fitness Expert - uses Twitter well to interact with people and Facebook to provide advice
  114. @TheJoLurie - Joanne is a Tv Producer tweets a great deal about many interesting things - thejolurie.blogspot.com
  115. @MandyWiener - A journalist and also wrote the book Killing Kebble. Likes to do live updates using twitter. www.ewn.co.za
  116. @coaxel - Durban twitter user with interesting thoughts and Instagram pictures. www.durbanization.blogspot.com
  117. @realdriveza - Twitter account for DriveZA car blog about reasonably priced cars for the everyday customer in South Africa - DriveZA.net
  118. @deenak80 - Author of car blog about affordable car reviews in South Africa - DriveZA.net
  119. @costofsale - tweets on Foodservice industry, specialist in restaurant food cost and tweets daily food cost tip. www.idealsoftware.co.za
  120. @USEmbPretoria - The twitter account of the United States Diplomatic Mission to SA - always full of interesting tweets and us / sa info
  121. @alambchop - a reader, writer, digital marketer and more - alambchop.blogspot.com
  122. @Tertia - Mother, Author, Blogger - about.me/tertia
  123. @Anatinus - Communications Strategist, Writer of books and painter - always has interesting tweets - www.thoughtleader.co.za/sarahbritten
  124. @scottcooper - Scott is a Actor and shows us the inside world of acting from auditions to acting to sets to his life
  125. @CapeTown_Girl - A writer living in Cape Town showing us all that Cape Town has to offer through her tweets
  126. @alechogg - Alec is a writer, broadcaster and thinker always tweeting interesting business info and sending us tweets from the big conferences he attends worldwide. - www.moneyweb.co.za
  127. @Central_e - a website dedicated to e-commerce, blogging, technology and Social Networking. www.central-e-commerce.com
  128. @Ctrl_Room - Managed search solutions. Social Media solutions. Conversion optimization solutions. www.ctrlroom.co
  129. @CPnematicatos - Social Media & Conversion Optimization Strategist at @Ctrl_room. Seen our 360 degree Multi Channel Customer Engagement Platform? Making Social Meaningful. www.ctrlroom.co
  130. @RoddyRoadCover - somebody who always chats to Tweeps and provides valuable road and traffic info countrywide www.roadcover.co.za
  131. @SezLeigh - Entrepreneur and into all things business - very interesting tweets - www.sezleigh.com
  132. @LizaSutherland - A Creative soul, into events and brand activation and part of the #followsa campaign, all things Jozi
  133. @capetown_chick - A marketing exec, Trance-goer and party lover - always has something to tweet about
  134. @firebird_rising - home of In Design Digital Marketing. She's agraphic designer, digital marketing consultant, entrepreneur, internet addict and die-hard optimist.
  135. @Raising_Men - Women's Lifestyle & Parenting Blogger South Africa, owner of The Birdhouse www.thebirdhouse.co.za and blogs at www.raisingmen.co.za
  136. @AntonRSA - Active listener, social media strategist, digital marketing consultant, ORM specialist. Anton Koekemoer has been on the edge of social media development projects for the last couple of years.
  137. @LibbyHouareau - Digital media co-ordinator for the Three Cities Group. In love with all things internet!
  138. @EranEyal - Co-founder of evly.com & Springleap.com. Founder of Techgater.com. Tech presenter on Radio 702 and Cape Talk www.springleap.com
  139. @ericedelstein - Co-founder of evly.com. Cape Town Based Angel Investor and Entrepreneur www.evly.com Into crowdsourcing social media and more.
  140. @jo_holroyd - Androyd Connections. The Social Media Consultant and the pink hair
  141. @orestaki - Loves Branding, entrepreneurship and Africa. Some controversial tweets www.ornico.co.za
  142. @Samme_said - Online Marketer for Club Med South Africa. Closet socialite and ardent adventurer / world traveler. Expect controversial tweets
  143. @Jexx - Writer and Creative Mind. Great copywriter.
  144. @mikedutoit - Owner of @laconicza they call him Mr SEO - that stands for Search Engine Optimization for all the non-tech tweeps.
  145. @AndrePentz - Radio & TV Presenter
  146. @JasonXenopoulos - In Media works at Native
  147. @nikkicockcroft - Head of Online @woolworths_sa and involved with the DMMA
  148. @DouglasKruger - MC and Speaker
  149. @walterpike - Consults to Brands and Agencies about marketing in the social era.
  150. @lifeissavage - Blogger of note in South Africa.
  151. @daniel_dinnie - Author and Blogger based in Durban
  152. @brett_stclair - Works for Google South Africa, Passionate about Mobile, Youtube, Display and Africa
  153. @socialbizsavvy - Daniela Bascelli - A Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist @PlatinumVFP
  154. @GoSocialSA - Jacqui is a Happy Geekette, host of @BigBreakLegacy 's weekly #buildSA chat
  155. @SuLittleZA - Suzanne conducts social magic @Quirkagency by day and helps with digital marketing @DMMA_sa at night
  156. @RobVanVuuren - Comedian and Actor
  157. @spillly - In the social sphere and now also internet radio
  158. @MickyBlore - Always Interesting
  159. @MitchGWiliams - Social media brand manager by profession @Aqua0nline, lives life online sharing through various SM platforms - all round positive guy! www.MitchGWilliams.com
  160. @brucebusiness - Journalist - Speaker - Presents The Money Show on 702 and Cape Talk
  161. @GourmetGuys - One of the most popular twitter foodies in South Africa, fun foodie tweets www.gourmetguys.co.za
  162. @Dinovdm - Random tweets about everything tech, apple, gadget etc. Dino's motto is "I want to make you simpler."
  163. @cathjenkin - Superstar Copywriter, PR, Media Specialist - cathjenkin.co.za
  164. @AlmaMaxwell - Social Media Manager & Trainer - outsourcedcommunications.co.za
  165. @MzansiGirl - Meruschka a Travel Blogger from SA - mzansigirl.com
  166. @william_price - Global Manager eMarketing at SA Tourism - williamprice.tumblr.com
  167. @AMG133 - Project Designer - Blogger and lover of cars and women, not sure in which order though - amg133.blogspot.com
  168. @Caspar_Lee - that guy who nobody has heard of, yet he has over 1 million fans on YouTube, yeah him - youtube.com/Caspar
  169. @Anne_Hirsch - Actress, comedian, writer and of course host of #TheAnneHirschShow - annehirsch.co.za
  170. @SamWilson1 - Content Strategist - iwrotethisforme.com
  171. @simlewis - Travel Blogger and does social media in the tourism industry - www.travelconceptsolution.com
  172. @mikewronski - MD @Fuseware, technologist, data anaylyst - mikewronski.co.za
  173. @romanythresher - Online presence architecht - romanythresher.com
  174. @Merentia - In Radio News
  175. @leefolkard - Durban based photographer. This is his legacy - www.leefolkard.com
  176. @_cindyliu - Project Manager @tnng_digital / loves everything digital / instagram: @_cindyliu
  177. @mzlee_ - Blogger, social media influencer, blogger - www.mzlovelee.com
  178. @DbnChaarou - Social butterfly, ribbon cutter, cake cutter, no event is worth going to if Logie isn't there www.durban.gov.za
  179. - an expressionist, fashion blogger and artists' manager based in Durban.
^Whitest list ever. :-/